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"We would like to say 'thanks' for making our experience buying our new home in Freeport such a positive experience. You're GREAT!"

- Bill & Jan 

Buying A


What kind of property do you want? We are eager, motivated and proven agents excited about the exceptional properties in Niceville, Bluewater Bay, Destin, Miramar Beach, 30A and surrounding areas throughout Northwest Florida. With white sandy beaches, clear emerald waters, top rated schools, numerous golf courses, tennis complexes and an amazingly relaxed atmosphere you will want to call Northwest Florida home.

The following is a summary of the steps involved in purchasing a home.

1. First, the loan application appointment is made by the buyer. Ask what documentation the lender needs. If you are self-employed there are more documents required. Applying early provides a stronger position in the negotiating process for you by demonstrating the ability to procure a loan. The lender will give you a preapproval letter to submit with the initial offer.

2. The buyer submits an offer. After the seller and buyer agree to the terms, the offer becomes a contract. The effective date is determined by the date when the last party signs. This date is referenced throughout the contract and determines deadlines that both buyer and seller must meet in order to continue with the closing.

3. When the offer is written, the buyer includes an earnest money check payable to the title company or the listing real estate company. The title company is specified by either buyer or seller.

4. A copy of the contract is given to the lender. Verifications of income, assets, employment and prior housing are sent out by the lender.

5. Inspection appointments (structural, mechanical, environmental and pest) are made by the buyer. The inspector is generally paid by the buyer at the time the inspections are completed. There is an additional charge if paid at closing. The buyer should be present to learn more about the home.

The inspection results are evaluated by the buyer and a list of repairs are presented to the seller. This is during a negotiation period. Sellers will repair safety and structural warranted items but not cosmetic ones. However this is determined by the contract.

6. As soon as possible, movers need to be contacted for an estimate and available dates. June is the busiest time for moving companies.

7. The appraisal is ordered by the lender. The listing agent meets the appraiser and provides a list of comparable sales for the area.

8. The final loan approval takes less than fifteen days. Then a commitment is issued stating conditions for closing the loan.

9. The preliminary title report is sent to all parties involved. It uncovers any irregularities that need to be solved before closing.

10. The buyer inspects any repairs made by the seller and walks through the home prior to closing.

11. Buyers need to call for insurance policies. The best rates are with companies that write both the car and home insurance. For existing home owners, request a refund on your former home after it closes. The first year premium is paid at closing. The lender will either escrow several months and collect an additional monthly premium to be paid the following year. Or the buyer may pay their insurance and taxes separately. This is determined by the buyer and lender.

12. Buyers and sellers need to call the gas, electric and water companies to change service in the new home. Buyers need to schedule telephone and cable installations.

13. NOTE: Many lenders require a CASHIERS OR CERTIFIED CHECK at closing for the exact amount of money owed by the buyers, ask at loan application. That figure is available the afternoon before closing. Please make your check out to yourself or to the closing company. You need to take a photo ID to closing.

14. Send address changes to credit card companies and magazines as soon as possible.

15. Submit your mail forwarding card to the post office.

16. Generally, buyers and sellers close at the title company at separate times.

17. The buyers receive the keys at closing or from their agent provided that the funds have been wired by the lender. To eliminate any confusion, this needs to be agreed to before closing.

18. Safety: Make sure all family members have the new telephone number and address in their wallets in case of an emergency. Change petsí collar identification even for short, temporary stays. We know of some sad results because of a lack of identification.

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