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Some tips that we have learned in our 20 years of real estate sales experience.

Preparing & Presenting Your Home.

If your home is going to get a second look, it's got to make a good first impression.

The Outside is Magic:
1. PAINT: This is one of the best things you can do to accelerate the sale of your home. Wood, trim, gutters and wrought iron should receive primary attention.

2. FRONT ENTRY: Give special attention to this area. All woodwork needs to look freshly painted, including the front door if necessary. Replace a worn or broken doorbell button. Polish any brass and paint or replace an unsightly mail box. Clean or buy a new doormat.

3. YARDS: Mow and trim in the summer, weed beds, remove or replace dead plants or trees. It needs to be well manicured.

4. FENCE: Repair, paint or stain as necessary.

5. ROOFS: Check ridges and replace any missing or loose shingles. Clean gutters.

6. AIR CONDITIONERS: Paint or replace any rusted exposed metal.

7. PATIO & SCREENED PORCHES: Set the stage with furniture and plants to create an inviting atmosphere.

8. Back to Basics. WINDOWS: Professionally clean all the windows. A NECESSITY.

9. DOORS: Check to see that all doors open and close freely, including closet doors and sliding glass doors. Oil any squeaky ones. Clean and polish the hardware. Also, check hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

10. WALLS: Repaint if needed and patch any holes. Check for loose handrails on stairways.

11. CARPET: Have steam cleaned for a fresh look.

Out of Order is Out of Order:
12. MECHANICAL: Appliances and systems such as HVAC, attic fan and humidifier need to be in working condition and clean the vents.

13. LIGHTS: Every light socket should have a bulb of adequate wattage. Don't overlook those outside and in the garage. Also, check the utility room, halls, closets, over the kitchen sink, in the oven and exhaust hood.

14. SWITCHES & FIXTURES: Repair or replace wall switches, outlets and light fixtures that don't work.

15. Less is More: CLOSETS AND STORAGE AREAS: Visually expand these areas by discarding items that you are not using.

16. COUNTER TOPS AND CABINETS: Overcrowding gives the impression of deficiency. This applies especially to kitchens and bathrooms. Store infrequently used COUNTER TOP appliances and do some prudent discarding in cabinets.

Show Home Housekeeping:

17. BATHROOMS: Few places in the home can get so dirty so fast, and yet few things will unsell a house as fast as dirty baths, vanity, sink, faucet and mirror. Don't forget: Soap residue in a shower, a moldy shower curtain, accumulated dirt in the track of a sliding shower door, soiled or missing grout, stained toilet bowls and dirty bathmats.

18. KITCHENS: Like bathrooms, kitchens get dirty all by themselves. Most buyers will inspect this area carefully, so extra time is wisely invested here. Clean the stove inside and out. Replace badly stained drip pans in the cooktop or use the clean solution supplied by the manufacturer. Check the exhaust hood; buyers look at this area as a clue to general housekeeping.

19. WATER HEATER AND PIPES: Perhaps because it is so unusual, a clean water heater and plumbing really impresses buyers.

The Nose Knows:

20. WET TOWELS AND WASHCLOTHS: Residents of a home frequently aren't aware of what a potential source of bad odors these are. Replace all used towels each day with fresh ones before a showing.

21. SOILED CLOTHES: If at all possible, keep dirty clothes in the utility room and out of the bedrooms.

22. GARBAGE: Take all food-related trash out of the house and frequently check potatoes and onions in your cabinets.

23. SMOKING: Today this is a major issue for buyers and sellers. Those who do not smoke usually consider a home saturated with smoke odors to be objectionable. So, if you smoke, you need to cleanse your home of smoke as thoroughly as possible.


24. VALUABLES AND GUNS: Since the home is being shown to strangers, don't have these items visible. Keep prescription drugs out of sight. We want to avoid a problem.

25. KEYS AND INSTRUCTION MANUALS: Gather all the keys for the house, including dead bolts, garage doors, and any padlocks around the property for the new owner.

Show Time:

26. LIGHTS: They need to be on and the draperies open when Realtors preview or show.

27. LIGHT SWITCHES: If some wall switches operate wall outlets, plug in a lamp or radio to demonstrate that the switch works. When a buyer flips a switch and nothing happens, he instinctively suspects a problem.

28. AROMAS: Set out some fresh flowers, both for the appearance and fragrance. Bake cookies/bread, heat vanilla or cook a roast; avoid cooking seafood or strong smelling vegetables like cabbage or cauliflower. Dirty ashtrays are both unsightly and objectionable to nonsmokers. Add a potpourri in bathrooms. There are excellent scented candles available in glass jars - safe and the scents are high quality.

29. PETS: They distract, people either love or dislike them. It's in your best interest (a faster sale) to keep dogs and cats away from potential buyers. The kitty boxes should be out of sight.

30. MUSIC: Very, very soft background music creates a relaxed mood that prompts buyers to linger and enjoy your home. The TV should never be on, it distracts.

31. YOUR PRESENCE: It is essential for your family to leave, this gives buyers a private showing to discuss objections with the Realtor. The purpose is to make them feel at home. Otherwise, they feel like intruders.

32. EXCLUSIONS FROM THE SALE: If you are excluding an attached item, i.e., chandeliers, MIRRORS IN THE BATHROOM, replace it before you put your home on the market. It is hard to turn down a contract because the buyers want your excluded item.

33. ESSENTIAL: The front door and lock MUST work smoothly. This is the buyer’s (and the agent’s) first impression of your home. They expect a door to open and close easily.

34. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is amazing. Great for painted walls, trim and everything that has smudges on it. Purchase at grocery stores.

35. REALITY: Your home needs to be ready to be seen at a moment's notice. Children's toys always should be confined to an easy area to clean instantly. Live as if someone is coming in the next five minutes. Live like it is a HOUSE not a HOME.

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